Smoothies and Colon Cancer

The question of Smoothies and Colon Cancer is a very serious one especially when you are talking about Apple smoothies because there has been research done on the connection between ‘cloudy’ pure apple juice and polyphenols, which are a player in the very serious Colon Cancer race.

This is another in the guest writer series and we hope you find it as useful as we did and we thank Deborah Marsden for her insight. Apple Smoothies and Colon Cancer?…remember to always check everything with your own personal health care professional first!

Can Apple Smoothies Reduce the Risk of Colon Cancer?

By Deborah Marsden

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. This old saying may have more truth behind it than you think.

It has been suggested that apples contain polyphenols which have significant cancer preventative effects. But, what you need to know is that the bio-activities of these properties vary according to how they are delivered to the body.

Nutritionists have shown that cloudy apple juice is better for you than clear. This is because many of the good elements of the juice are filtered out during the process of making it clear and therefore more appealing to the eye of the consumer.

Now it seems that an apple smoothie may even be better than the cloudy juice alone because of the increased bio-availability of the polyphenols in the smoothie.

The molecular structure of food may change depending on how it is prepared. Some cooking processes can strip any value from the food or at least lowers the bio-availability. This is why you hear so much about eating raw foods or unprocessed foods to get the most nutritional value from them.

A study conducted by Molecular Nutrition & Food Research has made the suggestion that the way food is prepared may affect the amount of polyphenols that actually reach the colon. In fact, it goes on to say that an apple smoothie may in fact deliver more of these beneficial elements than with cloudy apple juice or cider.

Now that we know apple smoothies are a great delivery system for the antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and polyphenols to the colon, here are a couple of recipes for apple smoothies to enjoy.

Apple Smoothie Recipes…but we make no claim to medicinal value!



1 Banana
2 Apples; Cut up and the cores removed
½ cup of low fat yogurt
1 cup of cloudy Apple juice
½ cup Strawberries or Blueberries

Cut all the fruit into small pieces and put in a blender.
Blend till smooth and enjoy.
For a really cold smoothie, add a couple of ice cubes and then blend.



2 Apples, quartered and cored
Handful of Strawberries cut into smaller pieces
1 cup of seedless Grapes
1 cup of cloudy Apple juice

Put the ingredients into your blender along with a couple of ice cubes if you want it nice and cold, and then blend until smooth.

Your mom was always giving you good advice when she asked you to eat an apple every day. Having a cool and refreshing apple smoothie will not only please your mom but help you maintain good health too.

Deb Marsden is an experienced Internet training customer support manager.

Deb and her business partner and friend Lee Ann, want to share Lee’s journey to better health. For more healthy information and useful tips and ideas, visit us here:

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Interesting article and food for thought, as they say. We are not medical professionals so we cannot endorse anything suggested here.
The best thing to do would be to discuss this article with your Doctor or health care professional…and enjoy the smoothies!

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