Healthy Smoothie

Adding important ingredients to your smoothies…

A healthy smoothie can always be improved upon by choosing the correct ingredients to add to the original recipe. We are used to mixing in fresh fruit but what about vegetables or vegetable powders, or even adding fish oils or fats…you may want to check out Natures Health Foods, right HERE!

Depending on your nutritional requirements, you can add extra ingredients to produce a more powerful smoothie.

This guest author discusses this very idea. Becki Andrus explains how and what some of the important ingredients are that we may want to add to make our healthy smoothie even more productive.

Healthy Smoothie: important ingredients you can add!

By Becki Andrus

If you have discovered how wonderful a homemade healthy smoothie can be for an on-the-go breakfast, then you might be looking to experiment beyond orange juice, strawberries, and a banana.

The good news is that there are literally hundreds of possible variations on a smoothie. There are many different healthy smoothie add-ins. Three different types are liquids, greens, and fats.

Liquids are used to make a smoothie thin enough to drink.

Many people use orange juice or other juices to thin their smoothies, but these can be high in sugar.

For a lower sugar alternative try milk, almost milk, or even water.

Plain or coconut water can thin out a smoothie without adding extra calories and sugar.

Alternatively, you can thin your smoothies with yogurt. This will add protein and healthy bacteria without the sugar of juice.

Healthy Smoothie

Many people who drink fruit smoothies have never thought to add in a handful of greens. Doing this can transform your breakfast smoothie into a nutritional powerhouse.

You can blend leafy greens and other vegetables into your smoothie and increase your vegetable intake significantly.

When you start blending greens into your smoothies, try just a handful of baby spinach. Once you are used to the taste and texture, start experimenting.

Carrots, celery, parsley, and cucumbers all blend well into smoothies and will dramatically increase the positive nutritional impact of your breakfast.

In the low-fat diet craze many people have lost sight of the fact that our bodies need measured amounts of healthy fats and oils. Adding healthy fats to your smoothies can help to keep you full longer and assure that you are getting the fats that you need.

For a smooth and creamy smoothie try adding an avocado. If you want a tropical-tasting smoothie add a teaspoon of coconut oil. For even more healthy fats add some freshly ground flax seeds or a bit of flax seed oil.

Experimenting with your smoothie add-ins can be the difference between getting bored and making smoothies a healthy habit. Find recipes online or in books and don’t be afraid to experiment and get creative with your healthy smoothie.

About the Author- Becki Andrus has all the information you need about healthy eating habits. Visit her website and find out how you can implement easy, small steps to improve your health and have more energy:

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