Bee Pollen

Bee Pollen benefits for humans are quite considerable because of the nutrient content and ease of digestion for the human system.

The spreading of pollen is the method by which plants germinate.

Pollen is a powder containing tiny collections of cells called micro-gametophites, an early stage in the life-cycle of plants.

Bee pollen is collected and eaten by honeybees, a process which facilitates the pollination of many flowering species.

It is nutrient dense and can vary in taste depending on the flowers the bees gather it from.

Personally, I prefer lightly sweet-tasting bee pollen, as the sweetness compliments its crunchy texture. It can be a great natural sweetener!

In addition to bees and other animals, humans also consume bee pollen as a food or as a dietary supplement.

Bee Pollen

The nutritional benefits of bee pollen include a high concentration of protein – up to 35% depending on the plant the pollen is sourced from – as well as several essential vitamins and minerals, such as B vitamins, vitamin C, copper, iron and zinc.

It is also high in free amino acids and low in fat and salt. Since bee pollen is a raw, unprocessed and natural product, it is a healthy source of carbohydrates.

Besides the nutritional benefits of bee pollen, many claims are made to its healing properties. It is also sometimes marketed as a perfect food offering “complete nutrition”.

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has forbidden manufacturers in the US from making false claims about the supposed health benefits of bee pollen because such benefits have not been scientifically proven.

Bee pollen is considered perfectly healthy, however, unless one suffers from severe allergic reactions to pollen. I personally suffer from pollen allergies, but have never had an adverse reaction from consuming bee pollen.

Nonetheless, you should always be careful if you are allergic to pollen or chemically sensitive. Make sure any bee pollen or bee pollen supplements you purchase are fresh and pesticide free. Many people prefer to take other supplements together in order to garner the most nutritional benefits from bee pollen.

I also recommend that you buy bee pollen that is sourced ethically and sustainably.

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