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Write for us…we welcome you to write on any topic related to the websites content, preferably with a relevant keyword or phrase in mind.

We encourage writers to contribute by writing as per their choice of topic and share their knowledge with our readers and create an identity for themselves on the web at the same time.


  • In return we will reward you with full credit for the post.
  • We will provide a link to your site/blog, thereby giving you and your site/blog exposure to the readers of our website.
  • Hopefully a boost to the traffic of your site/blog.
  • Provide you with a free quality back link. (…not a ‘no-follow’ link!)


  • The article should be written exclusively for the website concerned.
  • The article should be original, genuine and not copied from some other online or offline source so as to maintain the high quality and standard of the site.
  • We will use various tools to check the originality of the article to ensure that it has not been copied from any other source.
  • The article should not be reproduced on any other blog/site, or anywhere else on the web including your own site/blog.
  • Once published the article/post becomes the property of this website.
  • The article should be informative, educative and should be valuable for the readers.
  • The article must be written in English and be proofread.
  • Shorter paragraphs are best, and some parts in point form would be desirable.
  • The article should not be less than 500 words.
  • We would not link to “made for ads.” websites or websites we consider inappropriate for family viewing.
  • We would give a link back to your website/blog through an end paragraph.
  • No affiliate codes, referral links or advertisements should be inserted into the articles.
  • The article should not be about your website or blog and it should not revolve around the topic of your site/blog unless it is the same as ours.
  • We reserve the right to edit the article, if required, wherever and whenever necessary.


Go ahead and write an article on the topic of your choice…preferable based on a relevant keyword. After completing just proof read it in order to check for any errors that you might have overlooked and that’s it!

Send the article to us for review (use the form below) along with a very, very brief paragraph about yourself, your site/blog, and where we can reach you (e-mail?)

You may also want to send an appropriate picture (…not one of yourself!) that could fit within the article…max pic size 250 pixels wide!

We will construct a page for this website using the keyword or key-phrase you have used and use your article for the main content…with a valuable link back to your website or blog. The search engines will pick it up and…who knows!

Write For Us…A win-win situation.

Thank you,



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