Red Vein Kratom : A Natural Pain Relief

Nature has given us many natural medicines to cure our health issues. Kratom is the best example of it. As a medicinal plant it does the best job for pain related health issues. Kratom has different kinds and sub kinds. Red vein kratom is one of its kinds and the best-selling kratom product because of its incredible results. The strains of Red vein kratom creates medicinal and non-medicinal effects for the patients. Although this kratom is mainly used for the pain related health issues but it also helps in sedation and relaxations issues as well. It is commonly used in evenings or at night to get the best results for relaxation issues. Indo, Malaysian, Thai and Borneo are some of the varieties of kratom where one can find the best red vein kratom. The production of red vain kratom is also higher than the other kratoms such as green and white vein strains.

Different benefits of Red vein kratom

As it has already been mentioned above that Red vein kratom is very helpful for pain, relaxation and sedation related issues, doesn’t mean that all the varieties of red vein kratom will create the same effects on the patient. Some of the red strains can give less relief to the patient or some can perform out of the blue to relief the patients’ issue by giving incredible effects.

Mostly a standard red vein strain helps to cure pain, anti-anxiety, sedation, mood boost related issues. Pin relief is the major key area to work for the red strain. As per the records it is the most commonly used strain by the people to get relief from their pain issues. Research by vein color and Becket AH says that these strains contains higher 7-oh-mitragynine and lower mitragynine content. One must use this kratom especially the beginners as it will be a good start towards the relief.

While having pain related issues, one also needs to have relaxation for which they use different kinds of medicines. It can also contains drugs. So, Red vein kratom is the best option to get relaxed. Apart from 7-OH-mitragynine, it also contains other effective contents such as Mitraphylline (a muscle relaxant) and Tetrahydroalstonine (an anti adrenaline) and these variants contribute to relax the patient. Evening and night dosage will create a good impact of the health issues.

The reason behind suggesting this red vein kratom very commonly is that it gives stable results as compare to other kratoms. Other kratoms affects patients in different ways but red vein kratom’s result is stable. Thai is the most commonly used red vein kratom.

Dosage and other facts

Doctor will prescribe the dosage of red vein kratom as per the patients’ issue and as per the purpose of using it. The patient must take 4 to 8 grams of this red strain to cure insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression problems as it will change the mood by providing sense of tranquility. Doctors mostly prescribes to take 8-9 grams of it to get relief from pain. Taking dosage out of the doctor’s prescription can be dangerous. It can create problem even if it’s less strong. Nausea and dizziness are some of the side effects of taking high dosage. One should take it with alcohol as it can give some massive negative results. It’s better to start with less amount of dosage by checking the supplier as the level of alkaloids can be higher in some products of different suppliers which can give some side effects to the patients.