Marijuana concentrates for physical and psychological impacts

A marijuana concentrate is a highly concentrated mass of THC which looks like butter or honey. Due to this reason, it is called honey oil or budder. The THC levels are high in the concentrates and they range between 40-80%. This form is four times stronger in the THC content present in the top shelf or high-grade marijuana, which is normally around 20%. As this is the concentrated form, its effects on the users are more intense, both physically and psychologically than the plant use. The wax is used as an e-cigarette or with vaporizers or heated in a glass bong. The users prefer to use it as e-cigarettes because it is odorless and smokeless.

Marijuana concentrates are extracts from flower using different extraction methods. The concentrates are extracted using butane or ethanol. The concentrates are highly potent and are available in the recreational as well as the medical dispensaries. As they have grown in popularity, the dispensaries have many options of medical and recreational cannabis. Concentrates are available in various forms. The common types are wax and shatter. Shatter is also called glass and it is one of the purest forms of cannabis. Wax is another concentrate. Marijuana wax and concentrates is very versatile. Concentrates can be used by itself or in edibles or in joints.

Types of concentrates

The main types of marijuana concentrates are oil, shatter, and wax. Compared to the hash products, the percentage of THC is more in the concentrates. The common solvents that are used by the concentrates to remove THC include CO2 and butane. Oils are mostly found in the vaporizer pens. Butane honey oils and CO2 have attained popularity during the previous few years because oil does not result in problems for the solvents that are leftover in the concentrates. Wax is another popular concentrate available in the cannabis industry. It is made by whipping the hash oil when it is in the purging stage.

Wax is often referred to as the earwax because of its sticky texture. In the wax and oils, the percentage of THC is similar although wax is simpler to use. Shatter, also called resin is a highly refined kind of oil that is developed in pressure vacuum by following several steps so that the plant matter and the additional solvents can be singled out. It is amber or brown in color, very thin, and see-through. When pressure is applied, it breaks off.  This concentrated form comprises90% THC and this makes it as a stronger form.

Consuming marijuana wax and concentrates

When it comes to consuming Marijuana wax and concentrates, basically three methods are applied. One of the methods to use the wax concentrate is through smoking. Vaporizing is another healthy option for consuming them. Vaporizers are available mostly at all the dispensaries which offer the disposable pens and desktop setups. Through these devices, the THC product is heated to exact vaporization so that the user gets a product that is clean and free of toxins. Dabbing is the most popular of the concentrates. Dabbing is an aggressive way to get the high concentrates and therefore, it is best for the veteran cannabis users.