Main types of blenders and their uses

There are many types of blenders that many people are not aware of. There exists all sorts of sizes, designs to purchase and you have to identify which one that will suit your needs very well. You have also to choose one that will cater for the size of your family and kitchen space. With that being said, there are different types of blenders on the market today and they include the following:

  • Immersion blenders

They are also called hand held blenders. They have a long stick design and blades at the bottom. The user holds the long stick because it acts as the handle and the blades at the bottom are inserted in a container for blending. These types of blenders are preferred by some people to do simpler tasks of blending in the kitchen.

  • Smoothie blenders

These are types of blenders designed to make various types of smoothies. They have good power which enables ice crushing and selecting of different speeds.

  • Personal Blenders

These are simple blenders that are easy to use, light weight and affordable. Most of them cost less than 100 bucks and they are reviewed here, best blenders under 100 which have been discussed widely and the writer recommended the best depending on various factors. Most personal blenders’ doubles up as a cup hence it is easy for you to carry them and blend in office etc.

Best blender under 100 includes Bella rocket blender, Hamilton beach blender and Oster 1200 blender.  Their blades have been made using stainless steel blades and have dishwasher safe detachable parts.

  • Professional Blenders

They are also called heavy duty blenders. They are made of materials that are of high quality, and are heavy unlike personal blenders. They are powerful in crashing ice and blending tough ingredients. Their motors blend with high power and are suited for commercial use like restaurants and coffee shops.

They are more expensive compared to other types of blenders but they are excellent performance and their warranty can be up to 7 years.  They blend, chop, grind etc.