Four Rewarding Reasons to Opt for IVF

The evolution of science and technology has found a solution for infertility problems. Nowadays, infertility is very common due to hormonal changes. With the help of science and technology, doctors have found many effective ways to treat infertility and IVF is one of the methods. IVF success rate is high when compared to other methods. Many couples have fulfilled their dream of giving birth to a baby with IVF.

IVF is an artificial technique to fertilize eggs. The patient is induced with hormones to produce matured egg. The follicle will undergo the steps of fertilization to produce an efficient embryo. The embryo will then be transferred into the patient’s uterus.

This method has successfully helped many couples who were facing problems to conceive. Have you ever wondered why to choose IVF? Here are few rewarding reasons to give this method a try.

The Best Method for Both Men and Women

This is one of the best methods, which provides a solution to infertility issues both in men and women. Women who face problems like endometriosis, blocked fallopian tube, premature ovulation, and uterine fibroids can undergo this treatment. The ova will be fertilized outside the patient’s body and transferred back to the uterus.

Many men have also become biological fathers with the help of IVF. The combination of IVF and ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) has benefited many men.

Helps to Diagnose the Inherent Disease

IVF technique will help the patients to diagnose the inherited diseases, which might occur in the embryo. This method will also help you find the reason for infertility. With the help of PGD (Pre-implementation Genetic Diseases), it is possible to determine the deficiency of chromosome before implanting the embryo into the uterus.

You Can Control Timing

This method is best suited for those women who are career oriented. The sperms and ova can be preserved for a long time without undergoing fertilization. When they wish to become parents, the preserved egg and sperms can be utilized to perform fertilization. This is the best method for parents who wish to leave considerable space between each child. This method will allow you to decide when you would want your baby.

Donated Eggs and Sperms Can Be Used

This method will allow using the sperms and eggs, which are donated by donors. This is suitable if the male partner cannot produce the sperms or if the female partner cannot produce a matured egg or if both cannot produce sperms and eggs. In this method, the eggs are manually fertilized and placed into the uterus.

Hope these reasons are compelling enough to opt for IVF if you are not able to conceive.