Cosmetic Injection Guide: Questions That Can Protect You From Dodgy Cosmetic Injectors

If you are an Aussie who has embraced cosmetic injectables and is going to cosmetic clinics almost as much as your regular hair appointment, then please keep reading!

If you have had anti-wrinkle injections, fillers, or facials, try this Quick Safety Test first. If you can’t confidently answer all the questions then maybe you need to consider whether you are a safe cosmetic consumer.

  • Do you know who is prescribing your anti-wrinkle? Injectables are a prescription medicine and have to be prescribed by a doctor. Nurses can only administer injections on behalf of the prescribing doctor.
  • Have you signed a consent form, taken before and after photos, been given clear post-care instructions and gone to a follow-up appointment?
  • Have you met the prescribing doctor?

For individuals who are after safe cosmetics then choosing professional clinics can be challenging. Maybe you haven’t seen these authorised establishments because of the fact that they don’t heavily advertise or have any enticements or deals — the main reason for this is that they are authorised medical clinics that follow the AHPRA advertising guidelines! For an experienced and qualified doctor who provides excellent results; Dr Ballantyne cosmetic clinic Sunshine Coast operates under a gold standard, delivering result driven treatments to his clients in a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

The next time you are considering cosmetic injectables, try these four fool-proof questions:

  1. “Are you a registered nurse or doctor?

If they stutter even for one moment and can’t tell you they are either an RN or doctor — walk out of the door immediately. Cosmetic injectors should have proper medical training.

  1. “Can I see Before and After photos from this clinic?”

Inexperienced injectors are easy for cosmetic industry experts to find, but they may not be so evident to individuals who are looking for a fast and cheap deal. Cosmetic injecting is an art and experience goes a long way. You should never feel embarrassed to ask how long the injector has been practising. Looking through the clinics before and after photos is an excellent way to get a good feel for the experience of the injector and the clinic.

  1. “Can I speak with the Doctor please?”

This question is your absolute best protection. If you don’t have the chance to go over your medical concerns and needs with the prescribing doctor of your cosmetic injectables, then you are not medically supervised. Your anti-wrinkle injection prescription has to be issued every year by a doctor, and if you have no idea who that supervising doctor is on your initial visit, you’re not in an authorised medical facility.

  1. “When do you want to see me again? “

A follow up is just as important as the treatment itself. A certified medical professional will always take before and after photos for medical-legal reasons, document your visits and schedule a follow-up appointment or phone call a week later.